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Claim your rights! Health is the key to all success, over a decade of research and innovation to bring you the tools you require to fuel your mind and body! Ingredients sourced from all corners of the globe to help transform your health. Artisan formulations creating pure, potent, products.

All Empty Gelatin Capsules are:

Pharmaceutical-grade gelatin, meeting European Pharmacopoeia (EP) and United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) requirements. 100% BSE, TSE and Prion Free Gelatin Gluten Free Halal and Kosher Certified.

As a firefighter, when I get a call, every second counts. There are no second chances which is why my health is very important to me and those who call emergency services, adding SRD products to my diet and exercise regiment has made vital improvements. They're no nonsense, straight to the point and I love that.

Julian Tarascio
Fire Fighter

As a business owner, I have a very hectic schedule. Prior to using SLEEP By SRD, I would typically get only 3-4 hours of sleep each night. I read about the brand and found that it is the only brand on the market that has formulas that are potent. Since using SLEEP, I can truly say it works! I get 6-8 hours of solid sleep each night, and not only do I feel better, but my skin has improved as well. This could just be the best anti-aging remedy to use. 

Tanya Lobo
Beauty Expert


Ronni Shino

Founder and Creative

Originally known as Status Quo Athletic in 2007 and founded by Ronni Shino, to bring ingredients with an array of health benefits to himself and those who desire to achieve a higher level of well being. The main creation of his vision was FUNCTION By SRD. The company soon gathered positive feedback and was approached to expand the line.

Through years of research and formulation a new chapter was born. In 2009 he founded Shino Research and Development. The next step change in proliferating his vision. During this phase a number of products where added to the line ranging from hormone support, weight management, sleep aid, and joint support.

In 2016 a manufacturing division was created to integrate the production for the brand. It was incorporated as SHINLAZA Inc. and was brought on to facilitate the production and expansion of the line up. This would prove extremely beneficial during early 2020, when the covid-19 pandemic brought new challenges by affecting logistics, manufacturing and jobs. With many seeking a means to enhance and better protect their health and well being via a natural route, the decision was made to shift operations to the production and immediate release of IMMUNE By SRD.

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