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A State of Elite Health

History does repeat itself. During that process we innovate and create. Health and fitness is in our blood. Long live the strong.

( Youra with King Faisal II of Iraq during the player's days in Habbaniya )

A team of professionals from around the globe.  Gathering and undergoing research from government, private, independent, military and numerous professionals. Sourcing and formulating ingredients reaching to all corners of the world, with the mission at hand to provide cutting edge products to bring forth a change within the sports nutrition and the natural health supplement industry. Transforming health at the core of it all. Every product offered by Shino Research and Development contains ingredients that go beyond the original use and is equipped with a synergistic blend to boost and protect the individuals health and well being in the goal they seek to accomplish. The product range caters to general health conscience individuals and goes to the world stage athlete.